Week 1(Media Post): Out of School Young Adults on Staten Island.

In the first class of Materials for Young Adults, we talked about how teenagers are in the transition between children and adults. It can be hard for them to feel positive as they are just getting to understand themselves. An article, Helping out-of-school young adults on Staten Island explains a program that was created to help young adults to learn new skills essential for their own independance. B.U.I.L.D is an affiliate of YouthBuild based in Staten Island. “This project provides direction for the growing number of disconnected young adults in Staten Island,” said Kamillah Hanks, President and CEO at Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership. “It prepares them to be able to take advantage of economic development that’s happening in their own neighborhoods.”  This program shows a positive initiative to helps young adults be ready for whatever comes their way. I am used to reading about shootings in the news or about celebrities that have taken over the media. I was pleased to find that there is still work to be done in building up our youth.  The youth in society is lacking in skills beyond their smartphones or schools, but this article shows them ways to find programs that may interest them. It doesn’t have to be this one about job skills, but it can lead to them searching for more opportunities.

One of the most important things that young adults go through is finding themselves through what they like, people they interact with and doing things that interest them. I think it is also important to teach youth how best to use their online resources through hands on work and using the library’s resources.


Read this link to get a better grasp:http://www.silive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/01/youthbuild_program_to_bring_ed.html




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