Week 2:Scholarly reading- Young Adults and reading. In Reading matters: What the Research Reveals about Reading, Libraries, and Community. by Catherine Ross, Lynne McKechnie and Paulette Rothbauer.

This week my readings are about Young Adult trends and I found this book chapter the most fascinating read. What the research reveals about reading, libraries and communities informed me of the challenges libraries still face. They have a audience that are reluctant to read books with the many things holding their attention. It is important for young adults to feel welcome in the library no matter what they want to use it for because they can spread the word. One of the things I have learned with social network is that young adults like to talk about what interests them whether it is a television show, a video game, a celebrity or even a book. They will likely post about their opinions. If one young adult writes something about a new book she is reading from the library, it can change other young adults minds who want to go to the library but are afraid of being seen as uncool.

I have never known that young adults do not think the library reaches them. When I visit the public library in my area, I can’t help but notice there are teens everywhere. They occupy most of the space, even more than the adults. I found myself wondering  if they take advantage of the programs the library have to offer them. It is a good idea to inform them but not push them to only come to the library for the programs for learning new skills or whatever else. I realized what I was doing after I read this chapter. I was putting them in a box. A box that said “I am a teenager and all I care about is  social media.” It is not such a bad thing to  care about the social media. I was thinking to myself this is the time for challenges and learning new skills. I think young adults will benefit from feeling like adults do not judge their decisions. We are here to help and to guide in any way we can. If we  judge them, it is no wonder they will pull away and seek help from other young adults who are just learning.


The chapter opened my eyes to how I was thinking and how libraries still need to improve to reach their young adult community. I think an online discussion group much like Goodreads is a great step to reaching out. If libraries have a discussion group just for young adults, they can interact with each other about things they found in their library.



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