Week 3: Goodreads.com

On social media you are allowed to post materials that pertain to your interests. It doesn’t matter how old you are social media is a platform for all the issues that teens go through. It is no wonder there is a website aimed at books. Goodreads Young Adult section allows teens or adults to browse through the recommendations or new releases list to find a book that interests them the most.

This website turned into an app for mobile users. allowing users to read reviews, tidbits,lists or interact with other users who share the same interests. There is also forums in any genre made by users in their own comfort.

It is a great resource because it is teen centered and very popular. Lots of people sign on everyday to update their reading challenges or to start an online discussion. I use this resource to read reviews and read profiles. When a new release comes out, I read the reviews before getting the book. No one is shy with their reviews so readers get a full description  of what they are getting into. It is like reading reviews before you buy a product.




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