Review of “My Book of Life by Angel”

Review of “My Book of Life by Angel”

Author: Leavitt, Martine. 
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers
Year: 2012
Pages:[241 p.]
Price: [ 9.99 } Paperback on [7.09] on Kindle
ISBN: [978-0-374-35123-6]

Q- 5Q, P- 2P, Grade level Interest- S

Innocence, that as a veil had shadowed them from knowing ill, was gone…  -My book of life by angel

The main character, Angel is a 16 year old teenager who falls into the prostitution life when she meets a man named Call. The book is written in verse and is easy to follow as she becomes concerned for her friend Serena and her brother. The poetry speaks better than prose and leaves the readers wanting more.

Her words stay with the reader as she describes the life she now lives. She works on a corner with a woman named Willow and has many different interactions with men. She is used to it because she feels she can’t escape as Call will find her and beat her. That all changes until she realizes her friend is missing and he brings in someone new.


Mellie, an 11 year old Call stole from a foster house has no idea what she is in for. But Angel wants to protect her as best as she could. She works double to keep men off of Mellie. She sees herself in Mellie and is scared that she too will lose her innocence in the future.

The voice of this book is raw and powerful as it allows teenagers to feel for the two girls. It also brings to light the realities of prostitution, drugs, abuse, and losing yourself.  I recommend this book for teens because Leavitt leaves readers feel strongly about finding their independence and overcoming the obstacles life brings.

Amazon’s paperback copy of My Book of life by angel


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