Week 5:Teens in Information Age

      In order for me to understand teens better, I interviewed them about their reading interests and media interests.
      A little bit about the teens interviewed:

Teen A
Grade: 11th grade
Resides in New York City.

Teen B
Grade: 11th grade
Resides in New York CIty.


  • In both interviews it was clear that Teen A and Teen B do read for pleasure as well as for school.
  • One of the queations were, “What do you do in your free time?” Teen A states she likes to watch Netflix if she is not hanging out with her friends. Shows like Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl catch her eye. To get a better idea of how having free time influences their choices I included this in the interview.
  • Social media is a big part of some teens lives so when asked, “What is your opinion of the latest trends on social media?” Teen B believes social media can be fun but filled with drama at the same time. She didn’t give any information on the trends but rather social media as a whole.
  • Libraries are the last place they would go for books or other media items. While Teen A says, “To me, the public library books are just thrown around like they have no meaning. I prefer unknown bookstores.” Teen B says, “I have not visited a library since I was kid.” Teen B also says she uses Amazon and reads the book on her phone.
  • The Internet is a homework tool for both teens. They state they rather use the internet because they feel no one wants to help.

We can improve by:

Including teens in our libraries like asking them more questions about their lives. Some teens just want someone to talk to and feel like their opinion matters.

I believe more Young adult  fiction selections will draw more teens. Both teens said their favorite genre is fiction.

Suggest shows or movies on Netflix that you think they might like. They may view this as you caring about them and may take note of your suggestions.

Teens outside the library aren’t always coming in. Famous authors or writers of their favorite TV shows visiting the library may bring more teens around.









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