Week 7: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty: The Best Hair,Skin,Nails and Makeup Ideas for You by Ann Shoket

Week 7: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty: The Best Hair,Skin,Nails and Makeup Ideas for You by Ann Shoket

Title: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty: the best hair,skins,nails and makeup ideas for you.

Author: Ann Shoket & editors of Seventeen magazine

Published: 2013

VOYA: 4Q, 4P, M J S

How to and DIY creative ideas are taking the world by storm. There are online  magazines like Rookie Magazine or Make Magazine that aid in giving teens ideas of what to make in fashion,home or even food ideas and what kind of tools they will need to just create. DIY also known as do it yourself helps teens become self sufficient and let out their creative juices. Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty is a tool for a young woman as they seek to learn more about their preferences and who they are in general.

Seventeen Ultimate Guide is focused on all of the aspects of being a girl and one by one Shoket goes into details on how to achieve any desired looks. It can be best used by a teenager who is new to beauty tips or someone who wants a new tip. Readers learn a grear deal about skin care and nail care also as the title suggests. It comes in second in hairstyles and makeup so it is beneficial that it includes nail care and skin care. It is more of a lifetime care as opposed to a hairstyle you just want to try out. Shoket informs readers as well as make it fun to read. While it is informative, readers would benefit on seeing specific types of products in the stores near them in stores. So in the back or next to the looks described, there should be an example of a product that are in actual stores and not only used by celebrities.

This guide allows teenagers to be self sufficient and find ideas based on other ideas already created. They can take notes and create looks and take care of themselves by using this as a future tool for years. It doesn’t need one audience but I would say teens benefit the most as they may find it overwhelming to keep up their appearance as as well as keep up with their friends or school work. I recommend this to young teens everywhere. Hear from the experts and find who you would like yourself to be.


Marlene Velazquez





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