Week 9: Review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Title: Cinder: Book one of the Lunar Chronicles

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers

Date: 2012


I did not know what to expect when I checked out Cinder from the library. I read the synopsis and was interested immediately in Cinder’s thoughts on being a cyborg. I do not consider myself  a big fan of sci-fi however I am a huge fan of fantasy novels. Reading Cinder changed my views on science fiction because I had always felt it was boring and long. Cinder is anything but. I am pleasantly surprised by how fast I got into the story and cared for the characters. Most of the characters are relatable which is crazy since it is a science fiction book, but also young adult.

Cinder, a cyborg teenager is a mechanic who does not feel like she fits into her world. She lives with her stepmother and sisters in New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth and is haunted by her stepfather’s death. Sound familiar? Cinderella was an inspiration for this books as there is also a royal prince who becomes friends with Cinder while not knowing who she really is. But Cinder does not know truly who she is  herself. The reader’s follows as she discovers who she is through pain, a brutal plague that affects people around her and Kai. She is so much more than a cyborg and is deserving of love,compassion and friendship.

Throughout the book she experiences low self-esteem, guilty feelings, and loss. Cinder is not the only character the story revolves around, but her part in it is made clear the more one reads. Kai, a royal prince is also discovering a new life as he prepares to be emperor. Nothing will be the same and he has to keep the safety of his community in mind. But he is gravitated towards Cinder. One can’t help but root for their friendship and love.

Cinder keeps readers on their toes as new twists are revealed. It is written smoothly and makes it easy to follow. I enjoyed this book and I plan to read Scarlet, the next in the series.


Check it out:

Amazon has it: Cinder: Book One

NYPL also if that is your library: Cinder


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