Urban Lit

I began reading Urban Lit as a freshman in community college. I don’t remember what drew me towards it, but I agree it offers a new perspective. Drugs and gang violence where I grew up was very real. But I ignored it or was oblivious to it until I started reading urban lit. No one monitored my reading even as a young child so I did not understand the fuss over it.

It does have a certain theme and they do speak with curse words. But I still admired it. They were depicting real stories and things happening to people who turned to gangs. It may have been fiction but it was still good topic to learn more about.

When reading Coldest Winter ever by Sister Souljah I recognized the themes presented. Winter is not likable but she is a product of her environment. isn’t that what urban lit about? Men and woman becoming a product of their environment if it is either being poor or drug filled.

This week reading list reminded me of my old reading habits.


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