Challenger and Defender

The class activity we had this week for defending or challenging a book was very exciting and informative.

Defending is more than just stating why you as a librarian love the book. You have to make an effort to ease concerns of teachers or parents. They have valid reasons like the offensive language or sexual content displayed.  Educate them on the advantages of  the book and if they still complain you did your job. Speak professionally so they know you are taking them seriously.

Challenging a book are how parents or teachers view the books. Always say thank you for your concern. Also when you defend it to them make sure you can back up your claims. Challenging was hard but I look at reasons on the Ala website like nudity, sexual explicitly, drugs/alcohol  and homosexuality.

There is no correct way for library users to read because then that wouldn’t be the right freedom to read. I believe strongly in Intellectual freedom for all.


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