Week 13: Teens TV show: The Fosters

The Fosters appeals to foster teens, families with two moms and teenagers who want to be adopted. I tuned into this show when I heard it was going to be about the foster care system.

Callie, a troubled girl in juvie meets the Fosters family. She is a foster kid along with her little brother Jude. When they meet the Fosters: Stef, Lena, Brandon , Mariana, and Jesus their life changes. They go through adoption proceedings and they learn new things along the way. The Fosters is a family drama that is open minded and creative to watch.

Some teens appreciate a voice that is realistic and deals in real life issues. The Fosters uses Callie to put a voice to how scary the foster system is. This show is full of drama at every turn and it may feel too predictable at times but it is unique and perfect for a teen audience. Callie makes a lot of decisions that turn out to be mistakes this teaches teens that it’s okay to make mistakes but you have to learn from them. I would recommend for teens in the foster care system as well as teens who grew up with parents because it has universal issues like forbidden love, growing up, making mistakes and finding yourself by what you like. It can appeal to a broad audience and teach a perspective most teens don’t get to see.


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