Pathfinder of My Book Of Life by Angel

I have created two pathfinders for titles, My Book of Life by Angel and Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass. Both books are compelling and emotional reads. They represent a real issue in life with prostitution in My Book of life by Angel and bullying in Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass. These scary topics can be explored more or allow teens to just have a fun new read. To find these titles I used NYPL Catalog and Amazon. You can find them too by clicking each title. It is a link to or Enjoy! 


Did you enjoy My Book of Life by Angel by Martine Leavitt? Do you want to find new material for you to enjoy? Look no further!

For Topics of Prostitution:

Enter a caption

“How they can eat and laugh and carry on as normal when soon the men will come is so perplexing that, while they laugh, I fight back tears.”

Sold by Patricia McCormick. Lakshmi’s life is interrupted when she has to help support her family and her stepfather tells her she has a job as a maid. But her stepfather lied and in fact sold her into prostitution. Like Angel,Lakshmi is mistreated and trapped in her new way of living.

Traffick By Ellen Hopkins NYPL  This is the second story in a series called Tricks. Tricks begins the tale of child prostitution while Traffick is about how five teenagers deal with recovery and new beginnings. If you like your stories to have a realistic feel to it try this one as Hopkins explores the topics with vivid details. 

Were you interested in reading more on missing persons like Angel’s friend?


 Paper Towns by John Green Together Quentin and Margo begin their revenge as they spend all night on this journey. He is shocked when he wants up the next morning to find she is nowhere to be seen. He tries to find her with clues. If you like fun stories that have a missing person then this might be what you are looking for.


Missing Abby by Lee Weatherly  Emma’s old friend Abby mysteriously disappears and Emma may have been the last one to see her. In a state of curiosity and despair Emma tries to come to terms with what it could mean. Instead she finds herself reliving her past and her friendship with Abby.

Do you want to read  similar novels in verse?


 The Crossover This novel in verse follows twin brothers who play basketball at their high school. Readers learn about their father, who used to play basketball as well. If you like novel in verse that are emotional and focus on the changing aspects of a teenage’s life. Twin brothers are changing and it is told in an interesting way.


Street Love by Walter Dean Myers This free verse urban story follows Damien as he falls in love for the first time. He is expected to go far but Junice has too much on her plate. An unlikely pair almost like Romeo and Juliet.

This is my second Pathfinder: Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass read alike


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