Week 15: Review of Upgrade you by Ni ni Simone

Upgrade U begins with Seven Wright getting involved with her new life as a freshman college student. She attends Stiles University with her boyfriend and her friends. She is excited until her boyfriend acts suspiciously. The story revolves around her dysfunctional relationship with her long time boyfriend, Josiah Whittaker. She discovers she deserves love and appreciation. But her troubled relationship sends her on a rollercoaster and readers learn she is developing trust issues. The twist at the end of the story helps Seven realize what she needs in life.


With that being said, the first person narrative is too unrealistic. Seven’s thoughts contradicted with her actions. Teens might not appreciate a story that says one thing and does another. It was hard to finish and I can imagine some teens will not find it to their taste. But if teens  like an urban story with relationship issues as well as identity issues they can read this book to be introduced to these types of issues.




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