Feeling Comfortable with All kinds of Teens.

 You are only comfortable working with teens who are similar to you?

In a public library, one of the many things a teen librarian faces is meeting new teens every day. Some teens may not approach librarians, but that is normal. It does not mean they do not need the aid of one. However, it is not just shy teens that librarians have to think more about.  Teens can have a different race. heritage, intellect or thoughts than their librarians and the important thing are  to never let them feel that.

As a teen, I met a librarian  who immediately questioned my intellect and assumed I could only speak Spanish. My heritage was showing through my features so I let it pass, but as Violeta Garza highlighted, “Whether you’re dealing with a Russian-speaking teen or a Somali refugee, don’t dwell on what you think their lives are like,”(Garza, 97) get to know them as who they are.

It can be comfortable sticking to one kind of teen for the duration of your career, but then other teens are left out. They may feel like they need to be successful to get your attention. Put aside if it makes you comfortable or not and think about if it will make the teen comfortable. Meeting new people is rewarding and as a librarian, you have a chance to reach different kinds of teens.

Velasquez,J.  (2015) Real world teen services.  



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