A Librarian is not a babysitter.

You are held responsible for the way teens act in the library. If someone is caught doing something wrong you find yourself chanting, ” Please don’t let it be a teen.”

In this technology age, you can’t help how a teen finds out about sex or drugs because sometimes the internet will give them the information they want. With the click on a website, they can find more information then they know what to do with. Is it right? Who knows? Does it make them grow up faster? Maybe.

Teen  librarians aren’t in charge of what teens will use the library for. They are there to guide and answer any questions the teens may have. So why is it their responsibility as she puts it, “Adult service librarians are not held responsible for the behavior of adult patrons; children’s librarians do not take responsibility for crying toddlers. Teen services librarians should not be held responsible for the behavior of teens –real or imaginary.” (Velasquez, 110)

Someone told me just talk to them, talking usually helps. I don’t believe a teen librarian alone should investigate why the library is being  vandalized or immediately be the person that is supposed to solve everything. A manager usually deals with those situations.  They can’t watch every teen at every hour. That is exhausting. Their job isn’t to make sure the teens behave, instead their job is to find ways to connect with the teens who come in the library.



Velasquez,J. (2015). Real-world teen services. pp 109-110.


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