Digital Space for Our Teens.

Social Media platforms have created ways to connect with our teens through more than just the official website. Mid-Manhattan library, an NYPL branch located on Fifth ave, has accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. They promote themselves by saying they have the largest circulating collection of NYPL in the heart of Midtown. On the library website connected to this specific branch, nothing stands out.  They have events, programs like Windows 7 basic or Technology instruction. It is not difficult for a person to find something to their liking. It is more difficult to find a specialized space for a certain age group digitally and physically. NYPL serves more than just teens as it is witnessed through the programs and services they offer, but they need to create a space for teens.

Research indicates that teens spend a lot of time on their smartphones so it is more than likely that they might use the libraries resources digitally as well as physically. The website shows me events for adults in Mid-Manhattan, only adults. It could be the location, but this has the potential to scare away teens in this community.

On The Future of Library Services for and with Teens, It is stated, “As part of the larger community, libraries have a responsibility to contribute to solving and alleviating the problems that negatively impact teens and to help all of them grow up to be successful, productive members of society,”( pg4) and it should be shown in this library. It is okay that they want to focus on who comes to the library more, but they should at least create a space for teens to gather information they want.

The social media platforms have the tools to take the time to reach any age group. Twitter is teen centered social media and can be viewed as being made for teens and it does show that Mid-Manhattan is willing to branch out and learn new things. It is still very limited. It is important to have a large collection, but it is even more important to bring to light how much libraries can be an asset to anyone who uses it especially teens.


The Future of Library Services to and with teens: A Call to Action. Retrieved from


One thought on “Digital Space for Our Teens.

  1. Good thoughts, just wondering, why do you think NYPL is not doing it? There some other students, like Matt, who is also looking at NYPL, maybe you can follow up tonight #777w6. My questions in the case of NYPL come from the lack of a centralized teen space, do you think that this affects the lack of a central SNS space? Also, the way that the digital space is design for the entire library, do you think it is conducive for branch identification? Could SNS platforms help with that? As I said, some ideas to ponder about tonight.


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