Reflection Post on Social Media


Pew internet research says, “With help from mobile devices, 92% teens report going online daily.” This is now that our mobile devices have been structured to use the internet, chat with friends and find information, but it has not always been that way.


In the days of Myspace and AOL, I was exposed to how much importance people put into creating their online friend’s lists. The more you had,the more it meant people liked you. That has not changed as new social media platforms are created. Myspace was more about adding anyone they wanted, leading them to have 400 or more friends. When I made a Facebook account, my thinking changed and I only wanted to add people I knew or know in my real life. But just because I did not have 100’s of friends on Facebook this does not mean the trend of adding strangers changed. My perspective of Social media comes from how small I would feel because I did not have the hundreds of friends and hundreds of likes or comments. But then I realized something,  people who have more than 100 friends add whoever they wanted even though they were strangers. It was more important to have a high number of friends than to connect with the people you see online daily.


I am not surprised teens now are more into likes and comments because the importance of who you friends are or what you do with your time has always been a priority.  From Myspace to Instagram or Snapchat, a person will be exposed to digitalization of their society. Having said this, teens now have so much more opportunities in front of them daily. They have the tools to become powerful with knowledge and share it with their peers. My experience with social media platforms is limited because even though I had Facebook, I still went to the library if I needed help and I still wrote letters to my favorite author. It wasn’t fast paced and I did not log in to Twitter to see a debate. Now when there is something important going on in the world, it is displayed on all the social media platforms.


Teens have this at their disposal and are ready for the fast-paced digital world. They switch from different social media accounts with no problems because they can. It is not just about having a smartphone that has all the apps, it is also about how they engage and put themselves in this world. They want their information fast and true. I see the appeal to wanting answers right away, but there is so much I still wished I knew how to do digitally.



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