Professional Article on Disabled Teen Patrons.

The article, Technology  for Every Teen at your Library by Vikki C. Terrile discusses the importance of involving teens with disabilities in the library’s technological space. While teens have an understanding of how to use the Internet or their social networks the same cannot be said for all teens. Terrile gathers information to better inform on assistive and adaptive resources. Terrile states, “…so work with your teens to create virtual services that are teen-friendly as well as they are accessible,”(Terrile,pp35) and gives examples in what ways libraries can better their spaces.

This article is eye-opening and informative. There are so many different types of teens to think about as you begin to serve them. It is important for the library and teen services librarians to work together to showcase an inviting library. By going to schools nearby librarians can find out what disabled teens need assistive devices or other services that can actual serve them. The examples in the article should be a start.

Terrile, V. (2009). Technology for Every Teen At your Library. Young Adult Library Services. Vol. 7(2). 33.


One thought on “Professional Article on Disabled Teen Patrons.

  1. Good find and Vikki sometimes teaches at GSLIS! You might want to check out the articles that Kara and Lindsay chose since they also look at disability, although less related to tech. They complement nicely I think. More in class!


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