Week 10: Lightning Round Response on Question 11 & 7.

Question 11: You are often called to the Reference Desk to help teens-Whether you are on desk or not. You don’t really mind because you worry teens won’t be treated well.

Question 7: You get angry about the way teens are  treated at your library.

Teens are being perceived negatively in the library and outside of the library. Sometimes it is before they even speak. Teen services librarians understand this more than anybody. I am also starting to see how much teens are being neglected. It is important to come  together as one to address all the needs of every patron. Working in a different department does not mean you won’t have to encounter teens in the library.

An example is a reference librarian being approached by a teen. Reference librarians are more capable of finding information no matter what age the patron is. When they call a teen services librarian for help they take them away from what other projects they have to make things better for teens. However. maybe a reference librarian does not understand them when they speak their lingo or maybe they misinterpret a facial expression on the teen and in response treat the teen poorly. This is where staff training comes in handy. Teen services Librarians should lead the training and help the library become closer for one goal. Treat every patron with respect and be professional.

“What you don’t want to do is alienate your coworkers.”(Velazquez. 108) is good advice to calm down if a librarian is angry. However, not every librarian acts the same when they are angry. Some might not even get angry, they might just get frustrated. Treating teens with respect has more to do with the general idea of how a librarian should act with their patrons. You have to treat them all like they are safe and welcomed there. Teens are not going to automatically be a displeasure to work with. They want a space as much as children and adults do. I do agree that librarians should be professional when they are angry by how the teens are treated, but isn’t it better to have meetings where everyone can discuss behaviors they want to bring to the library’s staff attention. Meetings should include more than just what the library needs and include how each staff member can make it a safe space.
















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