Annotated List: Information to guide your curiosity about Politics

Do you want more information on US politics before you vote for the first time? NYPL can provide lots of resources for you teens. It can be a movie or documentary and it can be a book that is shelved in your neighborhood library. Being informed is key and will help you along the way. This list can be your starting point to learn more about politics or government.

Movies/Documentary Titles:

  • How to Win the US Presidency: This documentary describes the key components that presidential candidates need to win the presidency. It focuses on the past as well as recent presidents. If you want a short review of US presidency history with humor, find this on Netflix.
  • Election Day: choosing our president (2012): This educational film gives viewers an idea of how the past presidents’ campaign for office. If you are interested in the history of how these leaders became president give this film a try.  NYPL has it as a DVD click here to place a hold or find it on the shelves.

Non-Fiction Title:

  • Teenage citizens: the political theories of the young (2013):  If you can’t vote, it doesn’t mean you don’t have your own opinions. This book shows how teens form their own political views. Read more about it here and find the library you may read it at.
  • Painless American Government (2004): This series is created to provide a fun and light read on hard subjects. In this book, the government and other factors are addressed. was written by teachers who wanted a guide for anyone study habits. Here is the book on NYPL’s catalog: Painless American Government
  • The branches of U.S government (2012): Remembering the important part of government can be tricky. With this book, you can memorize it and it can be more understanding as you think about how our government works. Try it out here.

Fiction Titles:

  • Hope was here by Joan Bauer (2005): Although this book is old the story is still filled with a strong message about democracy and politics. Check it out here, Hope was here
  • Legend by Marie Lu (2011): A trilogy on the effects of the government on these teens. It is dystopian if you like this genre.
  • The Giver by Lois Lowry: This timeless story will open your mind to the main characters government. It  is not on US government, but it’s an interesting read for lovers of dystopian.

Internet Resource:

  • The USA online guide to government information and services: This guide takes interested people through a variety of options like voting and elections. Teens can learn all they want and can feel informed when they vote for the first time. 
  • C-Span This is a website where you can find campaign information. In the future when you will become a first-time voter you can access this website and find about the presidential candidates.

If you want more information use ASK A LIBRARIAN chat or go to the reference desk in your neighborhood library. Reference librarians have lots of databases and resources in their arsenal that goes beyond NYPL.


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