Week 13: Lightning Round Question 8

Q8: Your Impulse is to Give Teens Cash, Food, a Ride, a Place to Stay… -pg 108

“If you know a teen in distress who needs a place to stay, this is the time to put to use your librarian superpowers and connect that teen to agencies in the community that can help.” (Velasquez, pp109)  The horrible things that happen in the world can also happen to teens. They can become homeless leading to feeling hungry and unable to pay for necessities. It’s hard not to feel sad about that because as a human being you want teens to feel safe and secure. Information is indeed the way to go. Google searches that can be done on teens smartphones often lead to misinformation. Not all information is accurate and reliable and this is how librarians superpowers come into play.

What each of these, cash, food, a ride and a place to stay, have in common is instantly the teens will have something to eat or somewhere to stay. Teens do want instant gratifications so how do we find them information that helps them right then and there. Do they want papers or numbers that lead them to the right agencies or do they want help in finding the right way to the information? Talk with the teen. Don’t just hand them a phone number or an address that is a shelter or food stamp application. Communicating with the teen helps them to learn that is okay to wait and there are places to go in case of  an emergency. They are feeling scared and alone. It is important to be there for them as well as give them information that will lead to what they need for longevity. Not all teens have parents who give them shelter or food.


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