Week 13: Lightning Round Question 9

Q9: Teens want to say Hello by Hugging You- pg 109


Librarians are often seen as caretakers for children, a buffer for adults or a familiar face for teens. Once a librarian reaches a teen they become a symbol of familiarity and safety. Every day they will go to the library and greet their favorite librarian, but they may not understand boundaries.

It’s easy to say, “Don’t do this or that.” It’s easy to put rules on appropriate behavior like don’t make out in the library. Librarians can use the opportunity they would joke about to instead give the teens information in how different cultures greet. They can make it fun and informative. Librarians can also be honest about hugs upfront and maybe the teens will understand. Awkwardly standing there as one is surprised by a hug sends the wrong message. Librarians can do more than a joke about it.



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