Instagram with Reader’s Advisory.

I created a separate Instagram account and used NYPL’S library system for this platform.


Although it’s targeted toward helping teens find their next read. The goal is to include news about their favorite authors or books. Also to inform about upcoming events. This platform is fast and can come with appealing picture.

My experience with this was I was having trouble being creative. I used Novelist Plus and NYPL to find books. 


January weekly:

  • One post on a fiction new arrival 
  • One post on a popular teen fantasy book
  • Booktuber alert: A video reshare when a You Tuber  uploads a new video.

February weekly:

  • One post on a Valentine’s Day themed read a like in fiction or non-fiction.
  • One post on book review on the tYA book on New York Best seller list.
  • News on programs or services.for African American month.

Each month will be different or the same, but the goal is to find books or services that fit with the theme of the month. Will also include teen read week, LBGT week, disabilities week, Hispanic month, African American month.and more.


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