Week 14: Ligtning Round Question 2

Q2: You are an army of one, the only Teen Services Librarian in the Library System. (Velasquez, 100)

The role of Teen service Librarians can be overwhelming because you have to raise your voice higher to be heard and you may even take your work home with you. The job doesn’t stop after one goes home, but your mind might be filled with so many ideas which never stop. If you are the only Teen Services Librarian in one system, I agree with Kitchen when she states to be a member of YALSA and thus create a community. “There may be times when it feels as though no one else cares about your passion, or shares your vision. So how do you turn this challenge into an opportunity ? Easy-you create your own community.” (Velasquez,100)

A community of people of shared interests is life changing. This summer I joined a community of book lovers because the people around me did not share my excitement to just read. I read more books than I thought I would because I got recommendations and I trusted it. The community changed me because I thought I had to hide and be excited by myself. This is what a community can do for fellow teen librarians. It should be an open forum where they can share things as well as chat with other teen service librarians. It can still feel overwhelming doing the daily work, but make sure you have people to talk to.

The role of librarianship is giving your all to your patrons. How can we give our all if we feel burned out or overwhelmed with no sign of changing that?



Velasquez, J. (2015) Real World Teen Services. Chapter 6: Lightning Round. pp97=111


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