Elevator Speeches

What do you do? In the future, I would answer the question like this:

“I am a Teen Services Librarian, who plans programs, keeps the collection updated on what teens are requesting, manages teen advisory groups, and who makes sure our teen space is safe always.”

What do teens need a library for? I am going to split my answer into two kinds of people:

Teens: Do you want to have your own space for your needs? Do you need help with your mountain of homework that seems never ending? Do you want to learn a new skill? Do you want the latest books to check out? Do you want to chat with your favorite authors have video game tournaments, or watch movies? This space is for you and your needs. Parents, other adults. and teachers may think they can control you, but not here. Here in our library, we want to help you as well as keep creating an equal space.

Parents or people who don’t think libraries will help teens: Teens don’t need a library, they need their own safe space. You might want them to focus on school work instead of extracurricular activities, but all work can be hard on growing teens. We are providing a place to go that promotes lifelong learning and successful tactics for the real world. Even if the teens just hang out, as long as they are using the space they are in need of it.


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