Week 4: Picture Books 1

Goodnight Moon 

Author: Margaret Wise Brown, 

Publisher:Harper & Row Publishers, Inc.

Publication date: 1947

Place of publication: New York

Goodnight Moon is a perfect story for bedtime. As it is a picture storybook, it allows children to follow and point to the objects that the narrator is saying goodnight too. The illustrations are colorful on one page on one page and black and white on another page. This keeps the children’s attention because they will be looking for the objects and wondering why the sudden change in illustrations. The character is a young rabbit which resonates with the young children who are reading this book or being read this book. They see the main character as nearing dreamland and follows along as the young rabbit says goodnight to various objects. This may give children the idea that they can relate to the main character. The writing style helps to indicate to the child that it is night time and the young rabbit is in bed. This picture book is a classic because it is filled with fun colorful objects that the young rabbit can see from his bed and dreams. Children may like the idea of finding the objects as well as follow the story.



Author:& Illustrator: Ludwig Bemelmans

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Date of publication: 1939

Place of publication: NY


Madeline is a story of 12 little girls living in Paris, France together in one house. From the beginning it is evident that the story is told in a rhyming pattern. Young children like to hear rhymes and it is easier to remember. This picture book is great for ages 2 through 5. Madeline is the main character and children get to know her as a fearless little girl. As the children are told about her, they get more into the story, and when something medical happens to Madeline they will fear for her safety as well as the other little girls. The illustrations are simple, but beautiful due to the location being displayed like the Eiffel Tower. It doesn’t take away from the initial story, and instead allows for a nice background picture to the story. Not only can the child play with their imaginations but can also find out new things about Paris by the illustrations. This is a classic picture book because it is telling a story of a young girl in the hospital which can be relate able and the illustrations are good for helping children use their imaginations.


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