Week 5: Picture Books 2


  1. Blatt, J. (2013). Books always everywhere. Random House.
  2. Bloom, S. (2016). A number slumber. 
  3. Brown, K. (2002). The Scarecrow’s hat. London. Anderson.
  4. Bunting, E. (2008). Our Library. NY. Clarion Books.
  5. Chapin, T. (2015). The Backwards Birthday Party. NY. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.
  6. Curtis, J. (2010). My Mommy Hung the Moon. NY. Joana Cutler Books.
  7. Depkin, K. (2015). Open the door and explore.
  8. Demi.(2008). The Magic Pillow. NY. Margaret K. McElderry Books.
  9. Falconer, I. (2012). Olivia and the Fairy Princess. NY. Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing.
  10. Ford, B & Williams, S. (2008). No More Pacifier for Piggy! Boxer Books.
  11. Gorbachev, V. (2013). Catty Jane who loved to dance. Pennsylvania. Boyds Mills Press.

My two favorite from this list is Catty Jane who loved to dance by Valeri Gorbachev and Our Library by Eve Bunting. Our Library has a clear message told in a fun manner. Different animals are trying to save their library from closing. The picture book gives readers a chance to think about solutions to problems. It was a thought-provoking picture book with vivid colorful illustrations. Catty Jane who loved to dance is about Catty who takes her role as dance student seriously but at the expense of her friends. This picture book teaches children it is okay to have a passion, but it is also okay to have friends and to play. Both books can teach children as well as show an interesting story.


Craft a library with a shoebox with things you want in your own library. Find and check out a book on what your passion is. Create a book model on your passion and put it in the library shoebox.


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