Week 6: Beginning and Transitional Readers

Blogs from Kidlitosphere Central:

Playing by the Book


The tagline reads, “Reviews of kids books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do,” which is a playful spin on finding books for kids. It also allows you to find a book by subject/ theme which makes it easier to find any topic for the week. For example, there is a subject called online literacy activities with one post at helping parents and kids find information better. There is also a look for book by author/ illustrator/ translator which shows that if there is an author one is looking for, they can use this tool to help them faster. This blog is kept up to date, with pictures to give ideas to readers. I believe it is a great tool for selecting books for all kinds of kids.

The O.W.L

Outrageously Wonderful Literature for Elementary. Middle Grade and Young adults reach all young kid ages. The first thing that caught my eye was its recent post was a picture book review. Picture books are hard to review critically so I liked that the author of this blog has a section for them. This is essentially a review blog which is shown by the sections at the top organized by letters, middle grade, young adult and so on. I believe this is a great selection tool because it allows readers to get a sense of books for any age group they are interested in. The title is also a Harry Potter reference.



Alexandra‘s blog of choice was Big Book little Book which is also a book review website like Playing by the Book and broken into parts to find better access to reviews. It goes beyond books for children with additions like Adult and Self Published Sunday.  As I looked at picture book selection, I was even more excited to find out that sometimes children reviewed the books.

What to read your kids chosen by Lindsay showcases the Book Mommy expertise on reading to kids. I chose this one because it is she puts her experience with her opinions of books with pictures and explanations. I enjoyed her hilarious take on Little Rabbitt Loose Tooth as one example.

I chose Disability in Kid lit because it is a resource I have never heard of. Margaret opened my eyes to finding books on different disabilities. It is more than book reviews but also includes interviews and discussions. This blog makes it easy to find books by telling readers to utilize the search button and use resources. I looked up hard of hearing and found 36 results.



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